Saturday, 5 September 2015

The one with the dogs

I was recently commissioned to do a canvas for a friend of a friend. She had seen one I had done previously which has the quote 'Be your own kind of beautiful' but preferred the quote 'I am entitled to be me' which comes from another canvas I have done for myself. Anyway, this is the amalgamation of the two. It is extremely personalised with the women done in the image of the person it is being given to and dressed in clothes that she would wear and of course the dogs! Im really not sure about these dogs. They look very cartoony and are not something I would ordinarily include but because its a commission they were requested as she owns two cockapoos (one copper, one black) and a copper spaniel too so that's what she got! I'm yet to find out if she likes it but I hope so. Its an interesting result either way.

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