Saturday, 24 October 2015

Inspired by Julie Ryder

I have recently come across work by an Australian artist called Julie Ryder who I just LOVE! Her work is amazing. She uses relatively simple products but produces such beautiful and colourful pieces which sell for up to $300! Amazing. Here is a link to her blog.
I looked at her work and decided I would like to try and replicate her style. I wanted to do a canvas in Autumnal colours for my Dad's wife and I also had a commission due for a Christmas present which I thought would be good candidates for this style. For my dad's wife I have also included a cat. Although im not keen on it being there, she is bonkers about her cat and I think it makes it really personalised. Here is the finished piece, not bad for a first attempt I think.
The commission piece was done for a friend's daughter. The brief was good. She wanted pinks and purples with two butterflies and the phrase 'Love you to the moon and back'. She also wanted 'Mummy and Faye, best friends' somewhere very small on the canvas. She is yet to see the finished piece but I am soooooo pleased with the finished result with this. Up until this point I felt it was the best canvas ive made. Here is the finished piece.
After that I had some time to be arty for my own sake and continued on the same theme. I found a photo on Pinterest that I just loved and since its Autumn and my favourite time of year I liked the idea of trying to recreate it, originally to keep for myself. In the end its probably the most artist piece I've ever done. It feels like I'm actually creating art rather than just crafting. I did all the dots, both large and tiny by hand and wrote by hand two quotes down the trunks of the trees. One says 'My favourite colour is October' and the other says 'Change can be beautiful'. When I finished it I posted it on my Facebook page and within 10 minutes it sold to one of my colleagues at work! Oh well, I would rather have the money than the canvas! I always say I could make another one but I never do! Here is the photograph that inspired me and the finished piece of art! Yes Art!
On all three pieces I've used a lot of metallic paints and sequins which don't show up in the photographs but they are a lot more shimmery and sparkly in real life. This is now the favourite piece I've done!

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