Friday, 30 October 2015

To the shops!!!

So I saw an add on a Facebook group I am part of where a shop in Finedon, Northamptonshire called Pure Crafts rents out space to crafters looking to sell their wares. I sent them an email thinking that I would get something back in about a months time but instead I got a reply the next day saying they loved my style and would love to put my canvases up on their wall. So ive taken the plunge! I wasn't a lot of money really and they don't take commission so I will take 100% of the profits....ha profits, that's if I actually sell anything! Im now having a mini melt down thinking that there is no way in hell they are good enough to sell in an actual shop but we will see. Im feeling rather exposed all of a sudden. Anyway I made 5 new canvases to send to Pure Crafts of varying styles so hopefully they will appeal. I feel like im improving all the time at the moment, especially now ive started looking at other artists rather than mixed media work exclusively. So here are my most recent ones:

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