Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hurray! I had my first sale of a canvas with Pure Crafts! I also managed to sell one to a friend for a Christmas pressie. Im so chuffed to have the validation that someone other than friends and family like my work. In fact the canvas that went was one that I made ages and ages ago, when I first started with mixed media and it was quite personalised. It has a picture of our friends daughter on it so I was beginning to think about covering it over and redoing it but there you go. You never know! Its taken me 22 days in the shop to sell one. Hopefully it wont take another 22.Here are the two that have sold.

I think once my 2 months with Pure Crafts are up I will pull them out of the shop and try my luck at Bath Artisan Market instead. Its much more local and I think the face to face contact with people means that its much more successful.

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