Saturday, 30 September 2017

So many crafts, not enough time!

Hi All, so after three weeks as a stay at home mum I'm still struggling to find the time to post on my blog. Mainly because I'm too busy crafting! I'm currently working on making my own Christmas cards but I've also resolved not to buy another card from a card shop as I have so much of my own stuff I need to use! Ironically I bought two sets of Christian Christmas Card stamps in an effort to save money but have probably spent more than I would have on commercial ones! Oh well, I supposed I will save money next year (I hope!)

I seem to be pretty overwhelmed with commissions at the moment too. I've made a couple of wedding plaques as well as some new baby ones and I've got two with no end date on the back burner! I'm still trying to make enough art to sell at the two up and coming craft fairs that I've got coming up in November and December plus another demo and I'm keen to keep going with my YouTube videos too! No wonder I have no time. Eva has decided to nap no more during the day time too so I'm very restricted to evening work. If only I could get hubby to consent to a day of childcare then I might make a bit of headway although I doubt it!

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