Friday, 5 June 2015

A bit about me

This blog is going to be a place where I can post my mixed media art however I didn't want to start my blog without acknowledging the major life changing event that happened a little over 3 months ago; the birth of my daughter. For about 9 weeks I did not have the time to do any crafts at all but once I had got the hang of motherhood I began to make my canvases once more. The fact that I can only really make canvases either when she is napping or particularly when she has gone to bed has slowed me down somewhat but apparently I think I have time to write a blog too so I must be doing something right! Not really significant in the grand scheme of things but its my blog so I get to write what suits me!

I started doing mixed media a little over a year ago. Before this my life was completely engulfed by my all consuming job as a teacher. I worked all my evenings and both days of the weekends and eventually got signed off because I could not sustain that workload. I was in two minds about admitting that I suffered from depression but actually the only reason this horrible illness is stigmatised is because people don't talk about it and treat it as taboo. So there it is. I was signed off with stress and depression and began watching Christy Tomlinson on YouTube. I don't recall how I found her video channel but it was completely inspiring and I thought 'I can do that!' I already had quite a bit of scrapbooking supplies from previously making a scrapbook for my mum so I bought I few more bits and starting crafting. It has been the outlet that I need. Now I am a lot better and I have a beautiful bouncing baby and am selling canvases and taking commissions.

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